Love Lifts the Heart  by Nancy Crapser Hunt

Love Lifts the Heart

By Nancy Crapser Hunt

From author Nancy Crasper Hunt comes Love Lifts the Heart, a heartwarming and inspiring memoir about love—love that holds a family together, love that a parent has for a child with special needs, and the love that a special child brings to those around him or her. This book conveys the values of being kind, giving, and helpful.

Containing events that span over forty years, Love Lifts the Heart is a compilation of Hunt’s thoughts and emotions as a farmer’s wife, a mother of six children—one with Down’s syndrome—and now as a widow.

In this book, she releases all the tension she had with the obstacles she met along the way while raising her family. Having to deal with the farm life and a large family, including a son with Down’s syndrome — Bobby — life for her was strenuous. However, with the help of good doctors and surgeons—in Bobby’s case—and years of constant trust in God, she was able to overcome life’s adversities.

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